Waiting framedWaiting – 21.65 x 17.22 in  / 55 x 44 cm.
Waiting, at the edge of life, for something or someone to stir up your life. Waiting with resignation, as if you were not responsible for your own reality.

Shared emptiness framedShared emptiness – 21.65 x 17.22 in /  / 55 x 44 cm.
Unhappy and having lost the purpose in life, but stuck together out of inertia and fear of the unknown. Endless possibilities for happiness and fulfilment await at the other side of the worn out routine.

Comfortable resignation framedComfortable resignation– 21.65 x 17.22 in / 55 x 44 cm.
Resting on the ancient belief that things are just the way they are. That´s life! Is it, really?